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Nanopuncture  Training Systems Presents:



*The Advanced Foundation Module is a prerequisite for this module

Speech Aphasia and Dysphasia Brainstem Module w/ Lecture on Photobiomodulation

Applicable for voice, aphasia, dysphasia, dysphagia, vocal paralysis, tinnitus, balance/ataxia, and cerebellum issues

Dr. Clayton Shiu is thrilled to announce a return to Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania to continue his series of live Nanopuncture® seminars. Dr. Shiu’s upcoming workshop, the Speech
Paralysis and Brainstem Module, is one of the most significant components for the series. The Brainstem module, originally called the "Voice," will teach participants the neuroanatomy and analysis of speech and cognition, as well as teach the evidence based research that Dr. Shi Xue Min performed to restore speech and dysphasia.

Advanced needle techniques of the throat, head and neck are covered in this module.  An overview of speech therapy and its process are also lectured.  This module is effective for restoring speech paralysis in Stroke and Parkinson’s patients. The module will also teach Dr. Shiu's specific protocols - optic nerve circulation, vestibular conditions including tinnitus, and various forms of cerebellum functions such as ataxia.

Dr. Shiu’s signature style always includes the brainstem points in his treatments. It’s based on the latest contributions from the Tianjin First Teaching Hospital and became one of the treatments that elevated his reputation and efficacy of stroke amount all professional therapists.

  • Analyze speech conditions

  • Learn to needle the GB, SJ, and DU points of the head and how to apply the technique to Broca and Wernicke speech centers of the brain

  • Learn to treat the medulla oblongata with advance needle techniques

  • Learn specific Qi gong and breathing exercises that assist in restoring vocal paralysis

Seats are limited for this Advance Training workshop.  This will be the last time Dr. Shiu teaches this workshop this year.


Seminar Location:

Venetian Social Club
8030 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Time: 9am-5pm with 1 hour lunch break

This seminar is approved for 14 NCCAOM CEU / PDA credits
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